Kinokuniya and Takehiko Inoue…

June 30, 2012 5 comments


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Random plug for Japanese stationary goods.

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a stash of Japanese pens in my room from when Asahiya Bookstore was still in operation in New York City. When I can indulge or want to look for something to write with, my preference is with using Japanese stationary goods. It also is a good tool to put in a small Origami traveling kit. I discovered that I really like how thin Japanese pens can write. This I never thought could happen, since I always associations thinness with mechanical pencils leads. Still one day reading Ed Sizemore’s review and  tweets, I happen to discover a website, as an online retailer to find Japanese pen and stationary goods. Shipping took the model of Amazon at free shipping after spending $25 of usage. Now isn’t that a good idea?

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MMF: Oishinbo: The Joy of Rice

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

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Karaoke and Japanese…

May 14, 2012 2 comments

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Obligatory Aniblog Tourney Post

It appears as though this year’s Aniblog Tourney happens to include this blog among its contenders. Though I am unsure as to how my blog winds up in the latter part of the ranking/seeding. I am in Group 4, and going against other blogs that won from a previous round.

This is going to be my post to consider what makes my blog a work-in-progress, and probable contender, though I like the idea of more thoughtful comments, though I am going to say that I am pretty bad on keeping up with my queue of blogs to read.

Whether vote for my blog is your call. I do happen to like to talk a lot, though not on this blog, although Comments and not bot spam are quite appreciated…

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Recapping California 2012 and thinking about public transportation.

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Supporting or knowing about Origami Caravan 2012

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