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Ouran High School Host Club

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This is a manga series drawn by Bisco Hatori. The manga is currently serialized in the Japanese magazine of Lala, the same magazine that released His and Her Circumstances. There are nine volumes currently out in Japan and seven translated into English by Shoujo Beat.

The plot revolves around Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at the extremely exclusive Ouran High School. Students in the school all have very rich and affluent family backgrounds, so this makes Haruhi stand out like a sore thumb. She is from a middle class family, with her mother deceased and her father working in a drag queen bar.

At the first chapter, she wandered around the school looking for a place to study- when she entered into the technically unused Third Music Room. Finding a club in progress there was surprising for her, when she realized the main activities of the Ouran Host Club – there are only six very handsome men in this group. Their purpose is to cater to the whims of the female population in the school.

Her surprise at this obvious purpose, resulted her in breaking a 8,000,000 yen vase. The result is for her to become the slave of this group to pay off her back-breaking debt. Initially her role was to be a bus boy and assist the other hosts in their club activities.

However, what was not mentioned until the end of the first chapter, was the fact that Haruhi is a girl dressed in a guy’s uniform. The fact that people in her school pegged her for a pretty boy, no one thought to look at her ID. Hence the hilarity and the silliness of the school year starts as Haruhi works at being a host.

There is a 26- episode anime series.

Ouran High School Cast

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