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Project A-Ko.

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There are four movies and two alternate universe side stories. Project A-ko was released in 1986 and subsequently translated by Central Park Media into English. This anime is about A-ko the secret daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. She lives in a Graviton City, Japan and is a student attending Graviton High School.

Her best friend is C-ko, they have known each other since kindergarten when A-ko saved C-ko from a barking dog. C-ko has the hidden identity of being an extraterrestrial princess who fell to earth when she was a baby.

A-ko’s rival is B-ko, she has a crush on C-ko and schemes to beat A-ko on a daily basis to win the sole friendship of C-ko. B-ko is the daughter of an industrial tycoon. She is a mechanical genius with a keen mind on Japanese literature.

The first movie introduces the main characters, while in following movie, we see what has happened and at the end, it is showed that A-ko became a secretary at one of the offices in Graviton City. The alternate side stories cover stories of what if C-ko was raised to be a princess and kidnapped with A-ko and B-ko being bounty hunters to rescue C-ko.
There is many comedic moments in this series and one of the stellar parts is the soundtrack in the first movie. Then there is the obvious fighting girls, explosions and mechas. The alternate side stories cover scenes of space ships and space, while Graviton City is an urban city with many military equipments and space ships.


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