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One Piece: Enies Lobby Arc.

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After so many episodes and adventures in Grand Line that deal with the Drum Kingdom, Alabasta, Skypia and Water 7. The Enis Lobby story arc starts on episode 263 to the current episode of 279 as it airs in Japan. The manga is up to volume 43 and this arc details the Straw Hat Pirate fighting against the World Government in their quest to save Nico Robin. They have been joined up with the Franky Family and the Galley-La people to storm the island. There have been tears on my part at the death of members of the Franky Family. Enis Lobby will reveal the past of Nico Robin like they did with the other crew members, for before she joined up with the Straw Hats and how she got her 79 million beli bounty.

Created by Eichiro Oda, One Piece has been going strong since 1997 when it began as a manga and then in 1999 as an anime series. There have been seven movies and compact discs togo with the story. It has become one of current favorite anime to watch and get myself immersed into. The latest fansub as of today is episode 279 and from what I calculate the anime story line is now detailing the events of volume 41.


This is a thumbnail of the current enemies to the Straw Hats. Speculations have been online that Franky is an unofficial member of the Strawhats, like Vivi was in Alabasta. Quite exciting.

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