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This was the very first anime I watched in my life. There were others such as Ninja Hatori-kun and Kinikumon. But this is definitely one of my favorite and adored anime and like many other series, I grouse to myself of the merchandise limitability.

Merchandise I found of this series are only dolls and graphic novels (as released in America by Shonoun Jump– I’m avidly collecting the manga as we speak.) I often wonder to myself why can’t there be any CD’s or jigsaw puzzles like I see of other series?Perhaps the fan pool is not as big as it would be for Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist or Naruto?

Dr. Slump is an early gag anime manga by Akira Toriyama creator of Dragon Ball and Chrono Trigger. Dr. Slump is a manga that came out during the 80’s that made the animator known in Japan. In Japan there are 18 volumes, while in America now, they’ve only released nine.
This series is about a robot girl named Arale Norimaki and her creator – Senbei Norimaki. Now Senebi is a perv and originally when he created Arale, he wanted a sexy maid for cleaning up his house, then lightening struck the house and Arale happened.

The strange thing is that, as a robot Arale is nearsighted and wears a glasses. She is super strong though and loves to fight/play with monsters. She loves poking things and is a happy go lucky naive girl who Senbei passes off as his sister, so they don’t know that she’s a robot.

One time, Senbei actually invented a time machine and they rescues an egg that bore a cherub baby who eats anything. Arale named her Gadzilla and they call it Gatchan for short.

Senbei later in the series got married to Midori Yamabuki, the local teacher and they have a son. That’s later though, and with each episode passing, they actually have the different inventions of Senbei and the adventures of Arale as she experiences them.

Dr. Slump characters actually had cameos in Dragon Ball, so it is said that they exist in the same universe. Definitely something not to be missed.


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