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Animal Crossing

September 28, 2006 Leave a comment

I’m so excited in waiting for the movie to come out! Currently this is a highly popular game on the Gamecube and the DS. I have my own copy on the DS… and the purpose of this game is to literally live in a town that you’ve created with animal neighbors. Events happen on a real time basics and different things happen as every day you live your life, making bells (money) or making friends with your neighbors.

There’s also a chance to stock up your town’s museum with exhibits in bugs, fossils, fish and paintings. As a character you can also create a fashion policy in dress for others and decorate or expand your house. Experience the changing seasons, with different seasonal events occuring like festivals or contests… go visit other friend’s towns through Wi-fi… and most of all just don’t just dashing around like a lunatic.

There is also an eccentric cast of characters that appear in your town like Crazy Redd’s, Wendall, Joan and Gracie.. there’s also that White not to be named cat and Lost Kitten…

The official homepage for this movie is here. The bad thing is that it is in Japanese.. for any other activity, there’s this site to check out.

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