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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Episodes 1-2

October 29, 2006 Leave a comment

Finally they’ve started to release this series. This is a highly anticipated series for me to watch. Even more so than Death Note. I love the opening for Jigoku Shoujo 2. While each episode have practically the same storyline with a person calling on Ai to extract vengeance for them. Somehow I have this fascination with Ai who reminds me of Miyu from Vampire Princess. Their stories are similar in the fact that they both will not find peace until the end when all evils are sealed away or extracted.

There seems to be minuscule clues of the character’s backgrounds, particularly in the background of the three helpers. They all can be said to have lived and died during a feudal Japanese society.

During the first episode there was a twisted ending, I can’t really say anything about it except for the fact that there was hazing going on and a teacher was involved. The second episode had a bit more justice gained from the avengence of the sister’s killer. What strikes me as being a bit gloomy is the fact that with one vengence being extracted two graves are dugged, but if there is such human hate then wouldn’t that fit the ideal of if you would die then wouldn’t it be good to bring someone else with you?


The first picture is from the Opening, showing all four regular characters. The second and third picture is from the Ending… really nice right?

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Black Lagoon: Episode 3

October 27, 2006 Leave a comment

I actually cried at the conclusion of this episode…. it was quite final and sad. I think this would be a great OVA arc instead of part of the main TV series. Because after this story, I don’t know where Black Lagoon go. From the previews, I can see that they’ll be focusing on the nunnery next time.

From the last time, the twins were in a wave of gunshots after Hotel Moscow placed a bounty on their heads. In this episode they split up and unfortunately met their ultimate demise.

The twins are disposed children from a tyrant ran European country, when the government of that country collapsed, the militia ran the countries and these children were made into slaves of the officers. In an awful scenario like

Since they were left on their own a lot with no one to trust in, these twins engaged in an incestuous relationship. The twins had their target on Hotel Moscow, and split up to engage the enemy. The boy first met his death, as his legs and arms were shot off, he started to cry. I shudder at the words he uttered. While his eyes look so innocent like a child, his intent was not.

I can’t understand if the twins were vampires or not, their teeth was so pointed. When the lady of Hotel Moscow said, “No One Lives Forever.” It can only reflect on the fragility of life. The twins did until the end, believe that they will live forever and be eternal living the life that their victims couldn’t.

With then there was more clues of the twins life as Rock spoke with the girl. Black Lagoon took her as a client and in the end watched as she died. This show is so much not for kids to watch that it should be rated R or over. If Americans do dub as the company is Gennon, then there should be heavy editing due to the taboo subjects covered in this episode. But if they edit then that would make the whole series look bad beyond belief.

I have to say, the lighting in this episode was so life like and realistic. I went on a screen capturing bonanza today.. took a lot, so enjoy I think.


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Bartender: Episode 1

October 19, 2006 Leave a comment

I’ve been waiting for this series since I saw it in an anime magazine over the summer and finally got the chance. The episode started off by saying that 2006 is the 200th year of the cocktail. I assume cocktails were then introduced about 1806 then. Then the clink of glasses, ices and glasses, were heard as the opening begins.

This is a really nice opening, soft and jazzy like with a duet between two singers, female being the dominant part, but the male brings a melody to it.

The anime starts with a very realistic CG representation of the bar. The narrator asking how everyone like to have alcohol, how it can be enjoyed differently by everyone.

Then it talks about a bar known as Eden Hall, where the bartender is known to have the Glass of God, an ability to cater to the customer’s needs in forms that bartenders can do when they bring customer’s their drinks.

I do realize that they glorify the Cabernet scene, as drinking alcohol is something good to do, but like smoking cigarettes, there is a romantic feel for it.. to know that you can go somewhere, maybe listen to piano music and just sip a favored alcoholic beverage… that’s a feeling I try to aspire for. Sounds like

Now if I have compliments for the OP, then I do appreciate the ED. Throughout the episode they introduce and show the making of different drinks, but in the end they actually have the recipe for making a drink. The ED also shows the singer for the song actually singing in a bar with a bartender mixing a drink nearby.

These are screencaps that I took of the episode since I realized and couldn’t find much information on this series. The first picture is one of the serie’s logo and the second picture is a picture of the bartender with the realistic looking glasses in the background.


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Black Lagoon: Episode 2

October 15, 2006 Leave a comment

Oh my.. this anime is so not meant for children that it so obviously points it out. I just saw a stripper with her breasts hanging out. Still I liked this episode and is waiting for the next one with some anticipation.

Let’s see.. in this episode people get to understand how the twins ended up the way they were… children of an overthrown dictator, they got sold into the black market and made into sex slaves. While being a sex slave, they were forced by their captors to torture and kill others like them. Their minds eventually snapped and to survive, they learned what they can to kill and maim others.

In this episode a manhunt was called by the Russian Mafia, while the twins committ a killing spree to another mafia group.

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Pumpkin Scissors: Episode 1

October 14, 2006 Leave a comment

Of the several new Fall anime coming out now. I’ve watched and really am intrigued by this series. At first I caught this anime because there were comparisons to Full Metal Panic, so I really liked that series… hence my watching it.. it’s quite like it though. I’ve only watching two episodes so far, so I’m keeping my eyes up for it.

The story begins with a world having experienced a great war long that truly decimated the country. The emperor just one day declared cease fire and ordered the country to rebuild the country.

Three years past and the citizens in this anime suffers under starvation or epidemics. Many soldiers have became so disillusioned with the empire that they become ruthless mercenaries.

The anime became focused on an solider named Randel Oland. He is a gigantic man with a scar across the bridge of his nose, kinda looking like Crocodile from

Orland was eating salad in a town one day when he bumps into the platoon of Pumpkin Scissors- a fraction in the emperor’s army to negotiate and enforce rules. This platoon is headed by a female named Alice Malvin who is clearly the female lead. I hope that there is a romance spark between Orland and her.

Anyhow, described to acting like a even tempered horse, Oland is in fact part of the 901-Anti Tank Troopers. He has a blue lantern strapped to his waist belt and as he opens the lantern, he becomes someone else entirely. From what I’ve seen and awed at the Anti Tank Troopers are soldiers that regardless of the pain they can suffer, will face an ongoing tank until they come within a few feet of the tank to shoot inside. Described by the villains as monsters, soldiers of Orland’s troop are definitely something to behold.

This is a series that I definitely look forward to seeing.


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Feeling good…. for morals of anime.

October 13, 2006 Leave a comment

While many people can discredit watching anime as to something like watching children’s cartoones. There’s many feel good messages that are projected upon watching. Like a good book or show that you can’t get into. There are scenes in anime to get into. Scenes that have many meaning or moral to it.

This is what can make me fall in love with a certain specific series like One Piece, or recently – Pumpkin Scissors.  Certain characters can act a certain way or there is dialouge to boost the morale of the show and its existence of the characters.

In many anime there are the protagonists and antagonists as well as many climaxes these character face, but when events are over. The protagonist always prevail over the antagonist. There is then a conclusion factor which means a movement away from the climax.

I get involved in many anime or video game, crying over the emotions that may be projected in that scene. Such as the scene when Nami’s foster mother was killed, or when Robin’s island was destroyed and she was the sole survivor. I always cry at scenes like that… then the good news is that Luffy comes and saves them. Luffy’s character a person willing to work hard and try his best is worthy of commenting… it is really good form of the anime to establish this feel good moral.

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One Piece – Episode 279 to an undeterminable episode…

October 9, 2006 1 comment

Finally it has happened… darn it… even One Piece falls victim to bad filler episodes.. never mind the fact that there has been previous arcs in the series which were fillers.. still these episodes are all repeated clips of the crew’s past…. I hope they get it over quickly. From the previews of280, they’re having clips of Ussop and Zolo’s they did one episode with Luffy’s past and then two with next episode… that means they can clear in about three episodes with these silly filters, two recaps in one episode and the last recap can belong to Chopper. I’m sure they will skip Robin, since they just mentioned her past several episodes past like 276-278…

Then I saw this Chopperman Omake, which didn’t make much sense…. still.. poor Luffy Machine! Sold at the end…..

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Popularity of Japanese blogs from real life scandals.

October 8, 2006 Leave a comment

Hmm.. well as I always enjoy talking with friends online, one of them threw this pretty interesting link in the chat…. about the popularity of blogs in Japan. They can get published into books as this blogger did. This so reminds me of Densha Otoko! It sparked a follow up conversation about people publishing books from their blogs.

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