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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage – Episode 1

Much of the anticipation that I have in the fall, other than the beginnings of the academic year is the start of new seasons in anime. Like sitcoms or shows on television, anime has a same cycle like televised shows.

One of the shows I’ve been waiting for since the spring is Black Lagoon, to which I just saw the first episode today and it’s absolutly delicious…. with the new villans: Twin assassins with the appearance of children from the Village of the Damned. Something to deal with vampries and blood this season.

Last seaosn when the show first began, I heard comparisions to it being the South China Sea pirate form of Cowboy Bebop. Bounty Hunters that live on the edge of society, suriving with sharp wits and abilties to make them get jobs or be feared. The anime still has the same opening and ending, so that’s a nice comfort.

Let’s see the whole premises of this season began with someone targeting the Russian Mafia, Hotel Moscow. The childrens, captured and tortured to death one of the subordinates. Seems very interesthing as more characters from last season pop up.

I’m so interested in seeing the rest of this season, as undoubtly more of the Black Lagoon’s character past will be revealed.

Included is the picture of the crew: Benny, Rock, Levi, and Dutch.


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