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Feeling good…. for morals of anime.

October 13, 2006 Leave a comment

While many people can discredit watching anime as to something like watching children’s cartoones. There’s many feel good messages that are projected upon watching. Like a good book or show that you can’t get into. There are scenes in anime to get into. Scenes that have many meaning or moral to it.

This is what can make me fall in love with a certain specific series like One Piece, or recently – Pumpkin Scissors.  Certain characters can act a certain way or there is dialouge to boost the morale of the show and its existence of the characters.

In many anime there are the protagonists and antagonists as well as many climaxes these character face, but when events are over. The protagonist always prevail over the antagonist. There is then a conclusion factor which means a movement away from the climax.

I get involved in many anime or video game, crying over the emotions that may be projected in that scene. Such as the scene when Nami’s foster mother was killed, or when Robin’s island was destroyed and she was the sole survivor. I always cry at scenes like that… then the good news is that Luffy comes and saves them. Luffy’s character a person willing to work hard and try his best is worthy of commenting… it is really good form of the anime to establish this feel good moral.

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