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Pumpkin Scissors: Episode 1

Of the several new Fall anime coming out now. I’ve watched and really am intrigued by this series. At first I caught this anime because there were comparisons to Full Metal Panic, so I really liked that series… hence my watching it.. it’s quite like it though. I’ve only watching two episodes so far, so I’m keeping my eyes up for it.

The story begins with a world having experienced a great war long that truly decimated the country. The emperor just one day declared cease fire and ordered the country to rebuild the country.

Three years past and the citizens in this anime suffers under starvation or epidemics. Many soldiers have became so disillusioned with the empire that they become ruthless mercenaries.

The anime became focused on an solider named Randel Oland. He is a gigantic man with a scar across the bridge of his nose, kinda looking like Crocodile from

Orland was eating salad in a town one day when he bumps into the platoon of Pumpkin Scissors- a fraction in the emperor’s army to negotiate and enforce rules. This platoon is headed by a female named Alice Malvin who is clearly the female lead. I hope that there is a romance spark between Orland and her.

Anyhow, described to acting like a even tempered horse, Oland is in fact part of the 901-Anti Tank Troopers. He has a blue lantern strapped to his waist belt and as he opens the lantern, he becomes someone else entirely. From what I’ve seen and awed at the Anti Tank Troopers are soldiers that regardless of the pain they can suffer, will face an ongoing tank until they come within a few feet of the tank to shoot inside. Described by the villains as monsters, soldiers of Orland’s troop are definitely something to behold.

This is a series that I definitely look forward to seeing.


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