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Bartender: Episode 1

I’ve been waiting for this series since I saw it in an anime magazine over the summer and finally got the chance. The episode started off by saying that 2006 is the 200th year of the cocktail. I assume cocktails were then introduced about 1806 then. Then the clink of glasses, ices and glasses, were heard as the opening begins.

This is a really nice opening, soft and jazzy like with a duet between two singers, female being the dominant part, but the male brings a melody to it.

The anime starts with a very realistic CG representation of the bar. The narrator asking how everyone like to have alcohol, how it can be enjoyed differently by everyone.

Then it talks about a bar known as Eden Hall, where the bartender is known to have the Glass of God, an ability to cater to the customer’s needs in forms that bartenders can do when they bring customer’s their drinks.

I do realize that they glorify the Cabernet scene, as drinking alcohol is something good to do, but like smoking cigarettes, there is a romantic feel for it.. to know that you can go somewhere, maybe listen to piano music and just sip a favored alcoholic beverage… that’s a feeling I try to aspire for. Sounds like

Now if I have compliments for the OP, then I do appreciate the ED. Throughout the episode they introduce and show the making of different drinks, but in the end they actually have the recipe for making a drink. The ED also shows the singer for the song actually singing in a bar with a bartender mixing a drink nearby.

These are screencaps that I took of the episode since I realized and couldn’t find much information on this series. The first picture is one of the serie’s logo and the second picture is a picture of the bartender with the realistic looking glasses in the background.


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