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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Episodes 1-2

Finally they’ve started to release this series. This is a highly anticipated series for me to watch. Even more so than Death Note. I love the opening for Jigoku Shoujo 2. While each episode have practically the same storyline with a person calling on Ai to extract vengeance for them. Somehow I have this fascination with Ai who reminds me of Miyu from Vampire Princess. Their stories are similar in the fact that they both will not find peace until the end when all evils are sealed away or extracted.

There seems to be minuscule clues of the character’s backgrounds, particularly in the background of the three helpers. They all can be said to have lived and died during a feudal Japanese society.

During the first episode there was a twisted ending, I can’t really say anything about it except for the fact that there was hazing going on and a teacher was involved. The second episode had a bit more justice gained from the avengence of the sister’s killer. What strikes me as being a bit gloomy is the fact that with one vengence being extracted two graves are dugged, but if there is such human hate then wouldn’t that fit the ideal of if you would die then wouldn’t it be good to bring someone else with you?


The first picture is from the Opening, showing all four regular characters. The second and third picture is from the Ending… really nice right?

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