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Dr. Slump Special DVD set avaliability

November 29, 2006 Leave a comment

I just found out about this a few days back and I really want it.. unfortunate part is, that it is about $800… ack!!! Well here is something I copied from the ad.. in case the link dies.

Reservation D-Line: 01/04 Dr. Slump – Arale-chan DVD-BOX – SLUMP THE BOX -Ncha Chapter-

List Price : 100,000 yen  ($839.84)
Width: 500mm   Height: 300mm   Depth: 300mm   Weight: 8000g
You cannot order with other items.
This deluxe limited edition DVD boxed set includes the entire first half (episode 1-120) of the classic Akira Toriyama-created TV anime “Dr. Slump – Arale-chan”. In addition 20 discs full of episodes, this set includes a gorgeously illustrated box, 2 discs of bonus material, a deluxe booklet, picture labels, and the 15 figure Penguin Village Ncha set (including Arale Norimaki, Senbei Norimaki, Gatchan, Peasuke Soramame, Tarou Soramame, Akane Kimidori, Yamabuki-sensei, King Niko-chan, Kinoko Sarada, Daigorou Kurigashira, Kurikinton Soramame, Gara, Oharu Baa-san, Unchi-kun, and Ping Pong-gou).
Total run time: 3000 minutes + video extras
WARNING – can only be played on Region Code 2 DVD compatible equipment.

Reservation dead line: January 4, 2006 (Japan time).
Planned price: 100,000 yen.
Planned release date: Late March, 2007.
Must fate be so cruel…!!!!!!! I already am thinking about getting trading cards on this site.. sometimes though it must be something up there just reminding me of how much money I shelve out for satisfying this anine.. reminds me of the fact I have to wear that shirt… Anime.. crack must be cheaper…!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahhaha….. >_<

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Luna Varga

November 25, 2006 Leave a comment

Maju Senshi Luna old anime that came out in 1991. I have watched this in Chinese and think that the plot and conclusion has a very interesting concept. The anime reminded of Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa.. I think it was because of the whole organism interaction with humans. Bugs in Nausicaa and dinosaurs in Luna Varga… There is only four episodes in this series, so quite short and very quick.

If you ignore the really horrible OP, the plot begins in a setting that is like Record of the Lodess Wars. There is a war occurring, rather an enemy country was at the gates of the kingdom attacking. Luna, the second princess of the country was trying to find a way to save her kingdom from getting taken over. Stumbling across a secret underground tomb, she activates the slumbering power and gets knocked over. When she wakes up, she realizes that she is aboveground and naked, atop of a T-Rex’s head. Of course she screams… But then things get quite deeper as she realizes the dinosaur speaks, figuratively. Varga, the T-rex mentions of Luna awakening him when the country is a a time of great distress and for her to use him to protect the country.

Luna does so and defeats the enemey. However, because Varga woke up, it symbolizes a prohecy being fulfilled and the rest of the OVA speaks about how Luna with her friends go and try to save her sister from her kidnapper. On the way to rescue her, Luna meets the love of her life and the ED song of this series tells what happpens to Luna in the end, thus making the song a better one than the OP. Not sure of the avaliabilty of this series anywhere around… but methinks it is actually dubbed in English, so if you’re interested in what I actually tried to sum up…then it’s a rec I would push for. The OVA is quite funny with the apperance of certain characters and the chase scenes or battle scenes that occur.


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Pokemon: Movie 8 and series in general

November 23, 2006 1 comment

I know, I know.. I may be called too old for this series.. but who cares. I still love it.. With all the cute looking creatures just screaming their names… ahh.. I just want to squeeze and hug them..of course I want to punt some of them into outerspace too, but you know the feeling I’m talking about right… snakes or mad ugly fish like Magic Karp? I placed an entry of the latest game I’m playing of them.. but this is an enty of the entire series in general.. I’m waiting until either Diamod and Pearl comes out to get it.

This weekend I saw movie 8 of Pokemon and while I’m unsure of how many movies there are.. I think there’s 15, but correct me if I’m wrong. I have to say that I actually cried at the ending of this movie. Still though, you have to wonder when exactly is Ash going to become a Pokemon Master when they just celebrated 10 years this past summer. My thoughts are quite disjumbled of this series…so pardon the shortness..

pokemon-rubi-zafiro.gif rukarioposter.jpg

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Pokemon Ranger

November 21, 2006 Leave a comment

In this past fall, they release two Pokemon games, Mystery Dungeon and this one, Ranger…. There is still Diamond and Pearl that is yet to be release, but I’m still waiting for it. Either way, I started to play Ranger and it’s a bit tricky, one of the tricky features is to use the stylus to cricle around Pokemon for capturing them, kinda annoying as well. Still a game is a game and I’ll either finish it or I won’t.

As for Pokemon’s Mystery Dungeon, I finished the game and it was simple enough. I cried at the ending, but the ending was quite alright.

I really can’t wait until the Diamond and Pearl comes out. I can’t seem to finish playing Emerald or Ruby, but maybe I can finish either Pearl or Diamond. I figure I’ll get the game based on whether or not my friend gets either game and I’ll get the opposite game.

This is what the character I chose appears like with the partner Pokemon.


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November 20, 2006 1 comment

This is a latest J-pop fascination with mine.. after Rina Aiuchi over the summer. The first time I heard Suara was when she sang the opening for Utawarumono and I fell in love with the song of course. After searching around for her songs, I went and ordered her cd from Asahiya. After several misahap, I own two singles and two albums from here. Definitely a good singer to go and listen to. Beneath are a series of links, pertaining to information on her.


Official Website (need Japanese).

Or this one live performance.

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One Piece: Episode 284

November 18, 2006 1 comment

One of the nice things about this episode is the appearance of a new opening, relative to say while I like the fact that this is a new opening, somehow the opening irks me and I can only say that it would have to grow on me to like it, just like that Bleach ending: Happy People. There’s no ending as of yet, so I can wait for that. The opening for this one is showing more animated screens from the artbook, so I can be quite happy for that.

After about five episodes of fillers and replayed scenes, (I was starting to become bored) this episode showed new developments and different character perspectives, leading to the events of Luffy and the others jumping over the waterfall. If they fall down, it is instant death, but since Rocketman, the rogue train is there, at least threre’s a knowledge that they will get over the drawbridge to battle the villians.

The summary for episode 284 is this, for the first part of the episode there is a recap of scenes from episode 278 onward. Basically the CP9 is standing there across from the Strawhats, taunting them and waiting for the moment of glorius battle. The results of the battle is something I know a bit about, so who knows how the anime will portray it… like the manga?

In the second part of this episode, they reveal a secreat that Franky has been hiding. Becuase of this they make an example of his renew vowed to assist Luffy. He gets pushed over the waterfall and in the space of him falling, he rejoins or is hit by Rocketman making the jump across the space between the waterfalls.

One Piece has its share of villians, but the current actions of CP9 and that blasted captain has me gritting my teeth more so than my anger at either Drum Kingdom or Alabasta.

I know in the next episode the pirates will face against the government, but how many episodes will that take? The reason why I’m stating this now, is becuase I was spoiled a bit from the manga. In the manga there is the ending of the CP9 arc and the discovery of character identities, so it would seem strange to see them all in one room. Partly because I wouldn’t know how Luffy and Ace react to seeing the two other people.

Now as for these pictures, the first one is from the opening to indicate that it is a new one. I like the way they spell out One Piece. The second is a picture of that damn captain who I adhor, even more so that Crocodille. The third picute is of Franky crying at seeing his nakama again – the rest of the Franky Family. The fourth picture is of Rocketman hitting Franky as it passes and he is falling.


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Mahou Sensei Negima, Negima!? and Mahou Sensei Negima OVA

November 14, 2006 2 comments

What a mouthful for the title of this entry…. though I’ll do an entry since I’m trying to get into this series without quitting. This is a manga by the author of Love Hina and while there is a lot of fan service and ecchi moments in this particular title. I hope that Mahou Sensei Negima will be like Love Hina. I certainly liked Love Hina when it came out. So anyhow this was my feeling when I initially thought about this series. Turns out the series is a bit different from what I imagine.

I saw Negi Springfield, the male lead and thought this was a cuter version of Harry Potter. He is an 11 year old wizard from Whales assigned to be homeroom teacher to a class in an all girl high school.

I collected the manga for a bit and was interested by the original series a bit, but then got out of it because there was simply too many female character. About 31 girls. One interesthing bit is that whenever Negi sneezes, all female clothes in the room tears right off. Provided this makes the female lead, Asuna quite angry and thinking that the new teacher is a perv. Their relationship progresses to being like a sibling one and by the end of the series there are hints that their relationship wil be more than a platonic one. Similar to Please Save My Earth if you ask me.

The series covered the school year and it was to the ending of the last season that they are trying again this year with Negima. A friend of mine told me that the ending was really strange and covered a character dying and then time travel is used to revivied that character.

Over the summer, there was an OVA of the series as an extension to Mahou Sensei Negima, with Negi and his class going on an island trip, Asuna got pissed off at Negi and the episode ends with them making up.

Currently Negima!? is airing in Japan now and this is an alternate universe storyline, said to be showing all the characters in a more youthful appearance and focus more on magical battles than fanservice.

Now a quick and vague definition of fanservice is the animators of an anime series drawing or adding in details that are not ncessary for the anime plot, but rather to please and excite the audience. A more complete article is here. The most popular fanservice I see is a Sexual context with some cosplay.. many cute girl. Although One Piece specials are known to have much fanservice, like the apperance of the Pandaman.

Let’s see there’s a lot of random pitctures here. The first one is a picture of Negi with his class. Asuna is standing beside him. The second is a pictue of Negi in comparision with the fan picture of a very cute looking Harry Potter. The last pictue is a Wanted poster of Pandaman which is the symbol of One Piece‘s creator.


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Hataraki Man: Episode 1-2

November 13, 2006 Leave a comment

Hmm as winter comes, I find myself getting not so intrigued with this season’s offering for anime. Still this particular title has me intrigued. I think because of my experience with writing for the State Times that understand a bit of what it is like to face with deadlines and writer’s block. That can be said with any writing assignment, but the aspect of reporting caught my attention.

This anime focuses on the life and trials of Matsukata Hiroko with her business life and personal one. Matsukata is a a 28th year old editor who is a workaholic at her magazine job. These first few episodes just focus on introducing the character, and what they do. The cast is colorful enough to keep me watching this series.

One thing I have to note, it may or may not tick me off, but the same seiyuu for the voice of Zolo is in this series. He plays nearly the same role as Zolo does in One Piece, not liking much women at all and generally being a very masculine cool character. He is a paparazzi photographer who hates Matsuka’s guts.


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