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Black Lagoon: Episode 4

Just after a week of worrying how they will catch up with the storyline and after a friend told me the art was terrible for this series. I am once again feeling quite overwhelemed by this series.. this is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!! Or feeling soo cul as Arale would say.

Even if the translations might not exactly mean what they’re saying, but the words definitely fit the subs. The dialogue is quite dynamic. Jane, a new character, was chased by a mob, went to claim sanctuary at the church and when she reach Eda’s church. (Eda’s an asassin like Levy, but also has the double role of being a sister for the Catholic chruch.)

Eda didn’t want to help Jane and said that God was in Vegas, so that Jane should come back on Judgement Day… Now the reason why Jane was chased is that she didn’t deliver on what she was comissioned for, counterifeit money for them. So the mob felt cheated and wants to demand compensation.

The mob reached the church and the leader of the mob, a Mr. Elvis fired a shot that went through the church door. At front of the alter, Levy was sitting and holding a glass of whiskey. The bullet shattered her cup and she became pissed off.

I watched as another shoot out scene occurs and I was like O_O. The shooting scenes may get redudent, just the antagonist shooting at the protagonists, but at moments like this I feel like a kid playing with action figures. Black Lagoon is a pretty violent anime, but still very cool. What an influence on people’s minds right? I can’t stand watching violence in real life, but give me an anime and I’m happy as a pie.

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