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Black Lagoon: Episode 5

November 11, 2006 2 comments

Didn’t really talk much about the ending of the last episode, but Edna and Levy introduces Jane to a cheap motel to stay at, the cincher though is the fact that every bounty hunter will be after Jane’s head when Mr. Elvis hires them at a $1000 a hunter to complete this job of bringing back Jane.

This episode starts with Edna, Levy and Rock waiting for Jane in a car. Edna already thought that this would happen so she left signs for Jane to escape from death. Well Jane gets chased and the other bounty hunters realize that Edna and Levy are helping Jane, so they upped the cost to $30,000 a head for the chase.

Nothing really siginficiant happened in this episode that really had me as excited as last episode.. although I feel that with the art being not up to par, what I like about the art is the stark realistic feel of it… so I did some screen caps of some parts I felt really liking for.


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