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Black Lagoon: Episode 6

November 12, 2006 Leave a comment

People might feel bored by my blog because this is a majority of my entries. Can’t help it if this is the only anime I actually feel caught by…. this anime is actually quite funny in some parts.

The Chinese lady bounty hunter died I think, shot by Edna….. I was actually attracted to her character in spite of her horrible Mandarin, that’s what you get if you’re not Chinese yourself and only acting it.

Still this episode was filled with much action and clue revealers for character backgrounds. Edna’s acutally CIA, wonder how this will put her against Levy and the Black Lagoon. Oh and Benny has a love interest, or maybe one night stand with Jane. Hehe..

Then there are the prominent singling out of certain villians that won’t die. They’re kinda bad, but not really just life’s circumstances. Still next episode they’re going to maybe more on Rock’s background?


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