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Hataraki Man: Episode 1-2

Hmm as winter comes, I find myself getting not so intrigued with this season’s offering for anime. Still this particular title has me intrigued. I think because of my experience with writing for the State Times that understand a bit of what it is like to face with deadlines and writer’s block. That can be said with any writing assignment, but the aspect of reporting caught my attention.

This anime focuses on the life and trials of Matsukata Hiroko with her business life and personal one. Matsukata is a a 28th year old editor who is a workaholic at her magazine job. These first few episodes just focus on introducing the character, and what they do. The cast is colorful enough to keep me watching this series.

One thing I have to note, it may or may not tick me off, but the same seiyuu for the voice of Zolo is in this series. He plays nearly the same role as Zolo does in One Piece, not liking much women at all and generally being a very masculine cool character. He is a paparazzi photographer who hates Matsuka’s guts.


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