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Mahou Sensei Negima, Negima!? and Mahou Sensei Negima OVA

What a mouthful for the title of this entry…. though I’ll do an entry since I’m trying to get into this series without quitting. This is a manga by the author of Love Hina and while there is a lot of fan service and ecchi moments in this particular title. I hope that Mahou Sensei Negima will be like Love Hina. I certainly liked Love Hina when it came out. So anyhow this was my feeling when I initially thought about this series. Turns out the series is a bit different from what I imagine.

I saw Negi Springfield, the male lead and thought this was a cuter version of Harry Potter. He is an 11 year old wizard from Whales assigned to be homeroom teacher to a class in an all girl high school.

I collected the manga for a bit and was interested by the original series a bit, but then got out of it because there was simply too many female character. About 31 girls. One interesthing bit is that whenever Negi sneezes, all female clothes in the room tears right off. Provided this makes the female lead, Asuna quite angry and thinking that the new teacher is a perv. Their relationship progresses to being like a sibling one and by the end of the series there are hints that their relationship wil be more than a platonic one. Similar to Please Save My Earth if you ask me.

The series covered the school year and it was to the ending of the last season that they are trying again this year with Negima. A friend of mine told me that the ending was really strange and covered a character dying and then time travel is used to revivied that character.

Over the summer, there was an OVA of the series as an extension to Mahou Sensei Negima, with Negi and his class going on an island trip, Asuna got pissed off at Negi and the episode ends with them making up.

Currently Negima!? is airing in Japan now and this is an alternate universe storyline, said to be showing all the characters in a more youthful appearance and focus more on magical battles than fanservice.

Now a quick and vague definition of fanservice is the animators of an anime series drawing or adding in details that are not ncessary for the anime plot, but rather to please and excite the audience. A more complete article is here. The most popular fanservice I see is a Sexual context with some cosplay.. many cute girl. Although One Piece specials are known to have much fanservice, like the apperance of the Pandaman.

Let’s see there’s a lot of random pitctures here. The first one is a picture of Negi with his class. Asuna is standing beside him. The second is a pictue of Negi in comparision with the fan picture of a very cute looking Harry Potter. The last pictue is a Wanted poster of Pandaman which is the symbol of One Piece‘s creator.


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