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One Piece: Episode 284

One of the nice things about this episode is the appearance of a new opening, relative to say while I like the fact that this is a new opening, somehow the opening irks me and I can only say that it would have to grow on me to like it, just like that Bleach ending: Happy People. There’s no ending as of yet, so I can wait for that. The opening for this one is showing more animated screens from the artbook, so I can be quite happy for that.

After about five episodes of fillers and replayed scenes, (I was starting to become bored) this episode showed new developments and different character perspectives, leading to the events of Luffy and the others jumping over the waterfall. If they fall down, it is instant death, but since Rocketman, the rogue train is there, at least threre’s a knowledge that they will get over the drawbridge to battle the villians.

The summary for episode 284 is this, for the first part of the episode there is a recap of scenes from episode 278 onward. Basically the CP9 is standing there across from the Strawhats, taunting them and waiting for the moment of glorius battle. The results of the battle is something I know a bit about, so who knows how the anime will portray it… like the manga?

In the second part of this episode, they reveal a secreat that Franky has been hiding. Becuase of this they make an example of his renew vowed to assist Luffy. He gets pushed over the waterfall and in the space of him falling, he rejoins or is hit by Rocketman making the jump across the space between the waterfalls.

One Piece has its share of villians, but the current actions of CP9 and that blasted captain has me gritting my teeth more so than my anger at either Drum Kingdom or Alabasta.

I know in the next episode the pirates will face against the government, but how many episodes will that take? The reason why I’m stating this now, is becuase I was spoiled a bit from the manga. In the manga there is the ending of the CP9 arc and the discovery of character identities, so it would seem strange to see them all in one room. Partly because I wouldn’t know how Luffy and Ace react to seeing the two other people.

Now as for these pictures, the first one is from the opening to indicate that it is a new one. I like the way they spell out One Piece. The second is a picture of that damn captain who I adhor, even more so that Crocodille. The third picute is of Franky crying at seeing his nakama again – the rest of the Franky Family. The fourth picture is of Rocketman hitting Franky as it passes and he is falling.


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  1. Idetrorce
    December 15, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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