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Pokemon Ranger

November 21, 2006 Leave a comment

In this past fall, they release two Pokemon games, Mystery Dungeon and this one, Ranger…. There is still Diamond and Pearl that is yet to be release, but I’m still waiting for it. Either way, I started to play Ranger and it’s a bit tricky, one of the tricky features is to use the stylus to cricle around Pokemon for capturing them, kinda annoying as well. Still a game is a game and I’ll either finish it or I won’t.

As for Pokemon’s Mystery Dungeon, I finished the game and it was simple enough. I cried at the ending, but the ending was quite alright.

I really can’t wait until the Diamond and Pearl comes out. I can’t seem to finish playing Emerald or Ruby, but maybe I can finish either Pearl or Diamond. I figure I’ll get the game based on whether or not my friend gets either game and I’ll get the opposite game.

This is what the character I chose appears like with the partner Pokemon.


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