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Luna Varga

Maju Senshi Luna Varga..an old anime that came out in 1991. I have watched this in Chinese and think that the plot and conclusion has a very interesting concept. The anime reminded of Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa.. I think it was because of the whole organism interaction with humans. Bugs in Nausicaa and dinosaurs in Luna Varga… There is only four episodes in this series, so quite short and very quick.

If you ignore the really horrible OP, the plot begins in a setting that is like Record of the Lodess Wars. There is a war occurring, rather an enemy country was at the gates of the kingdom attacking. Luna, the second princess of the country was trying to find a way to save her kingdom from getting taken over. Stumbling across a secret underground tomb, she activates the slumbering power and gets knocked over. When she wakes up, she realizes that she is aboveground and naked, atop of a T-Rex’s head. Of course she screams… But then things get quite deeper as she realizes the dinosaur speaks, figuratively. Varga, the T-rex mentions of Luna awakening him when the country is a a time of great distress and for her to use him to protect the country.

Luna does so and defeats the enemey. However, because Varga woke up, it symbolizes a prohecy being fulfilled and the rest of the OVA speaks about how Luna with her friends go and try to save her sister from her kidnapper. On the way to rescue her, Luna meets the love of her life and the ED song of this series tells what happpens to Luna in the end, thus making the song a better one than the OP. Not sure of the avaliabilty of this series anywhere around… but methinks it is actually dubbed in English, so if you’re interested in what I actually tried to sum up…then it’s a rec I would push for. The OVA is quite funny with the apperance of certain characters and the chase scenes or battle scenes that occur.


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