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Dr. Slump Special DVD set avaliability

I just found out about this a few days back and I really want it.. unfortunate part is, that it is about $800… ack!!! Well here is something I copied from the ad.. in case the link dies.

Reservation D-Line: 01/04 Dr. Slump – Arale-chan DVD-BOX – SLUMP THE BOX -Ncha Chapter-

List Price : 100,000 yen  ($839.84)
Width: 500mm   Height: 300mm   Depth: 300mm   Weight: 8000g
You cannot order with other items.
This deluxe limited edition DVD boxed set includes the entire first half (episode 1-120) of the classic Akira Toriyama-created TV anime “Dr. Slump – Arale-chan”. In addition 20 discs full of episodes, this set includes a gorgeously illustrated box, 2 discs of bonus material, a deluxe booklet, picture labels, and the 15 figure Penguin Village Ncha set (including Arale Norimaki, Senbei Norimaki, Gatchan, Peasuke Soramame, Tarou Soramame, Akane Kimidori, Yamabuki-sensei, King Niko-chan, Kinoko Sarada, Daigorou Kurigashira, Kurikinton Soramame, Gara, Oharu Baa-san, Unchi-kun, and Ping Pong-gou).
Total run time: 3000 minutes + video extras
WARNING – can only be played on Region Code 2 DVD compatible equipment.

Reservation dead line: January 4, 2006 (Japan time).
Planned price: 100,000 yen.
Planned release date: Late March, 2007.
Must fate be so cruel…!!!!!!! I already am thinking about getting trading cards on this site.. sometimes though it must be something up there just reminding me of how much money I shelve out for satisfying this anine.. reminds me of the fact I have to wear that shirt… Anime.. crack must be cheaper…!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahhaha….. >_<

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