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Fall 2006 Anime Season’s Recap…. What I didn’t get myself into and vice versa.

December 30, 2006 2 comments

As the new year is looming, this is a good time now to recap and reflect on Fall anime series I got into or not… I’m taking the list of anime from here….. and this is an edited list with the anime titles that stuck out in my mind as I type this entry. Obviouslythere are some anime I would wish to list, because my mind is still agog with it..but not sure where to randomly put it.. before I get myself confused with trying to list it.

Black Blood Brothers…. interesthing anime.. I like vampires and got stuck in episode 7.. getting confused as I was overwhemed with school.

Kiniro no Corda ~Primo Passo~ or La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ …. two different versions of name Japanese and English version. I’m still quite confused by the naming, so I’m calling it primo passo. Watching this anime and with other events has my napping tendencies for loving classical music. I really like the music in this series and really would love to play the game that is said to be coming out of it. Provided I learn to read and speak Japanese of course.

Black Lagoon Second Barrage ….. I really like this series… it made me laugh, cry, and all about being quite violent that I shudder to even try and not think of it’s probable release in America with all the censorship and dubbing.

Pumpkin Scissors – I like this series at the beginning, but the series as I tappered back in watching it seems to have slowed down. So it’s a bit redundent if the guy keeps on getting hurt all the time in trying to save something… like a human weapon.. still I love the scenes he has with his cats… they’re sooo cute!

D. Grey Man – Been getting quite aimlessly. Not even sure what is it even about…but two of my friends are watching it for the purposes of a seiyuu. It’s going on a list of anime to be watched seriously… following titles like Le Chevileir D’Eon, Trinity Blood, Blood+, Count of Monte Cristo.

Death Note – Been following… enough said about that.. I’ll still follow it on the attempt of finding anime in common with other people… that being said… I think this is one of the more sucessful Fall anime.

Ghost Hunt – Watched episode 1, was really confused and backed away.

Red Garden – Like D-Grey Man, getting it aimlessly for art reasons.. but quite confused of the plot altogether.

Negima!? – Been trying to get into this anime with no avail… got confused with not watching it in two weeks and forgot where I was up to.. but really want to see this anime…. despite the fact that I have to remind myself to watch the first season before jumping into it.. and afraid that is self going to try and mentally hack into the anime for it’s harem tendcies, but still intereted because there’s that older women and younger male theme going on.

Busou Renkin – Stopped watching immediately after episode five or six. Felt it was going no where and quite frankly visibily sick of the butterfly guy and what he did with that Busou Renkin thingy down his briefs….

[Edit Jan 8, 2007] Kannon (2006) – Now for clarification, I’ve only watched the first episode and decided not to watch the series, since this series is a remake from the 2002 version along with the avaliability of the game on the market. My impression of this series was of confusion and there is such a copy of Onegai Sensei‘s theme.. which didn’t please me one bit.

I mention this series, because nearly every other blog I looked at had some mention of this series, so why not join the bandwagon on mentioning this series. I have negative feelings on this anime.. also because there seems to be such a hentai feeling radiating from this series.

Sumomo mo Momomo – Let’s see with an earlier entry denoucing my dislike of this series.. that’s it. I was very leery of this series.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! – Same feeling as Sumom mo Momomo.. saw the first episode and had to stop, too disguisted with the wrongness of the series to even try and comment… but I’ll take a stab at it.. the anime title…. the hitman… his voice…. and the fact that the boy runs around in underwear for some really stupid reasons.

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – I really like the first season and looked forward for this second season as well, but not very much releases of the anime as a fansub, so I’m looking for the drama, but there has also been a very slow release of the episode in readable English. The concept of the new character is okay.. I wonder if she’s going to take Ai’s place as Jigoku Shoujo or something more evil is going to happen. Also another note.. this series so reminds me of Vampire Princess Miyu.. I can’t put a finger on it.. but this series reminds me so much of the TV series of Miyu.

Hataraki Man – Want to see more episode soon! Very slow in releasing and wondering if the female lead is going to break up with her boyfriend or vice versa..since she is never around. Kinda was thinking about this series as I watch Kimmi no Petto…and placing mental comparisions between her and Iwaya-san.

Bartender – An unexpected treasure find. I love the music of this series and definitely think that this series is quite original in introducing alcohol to people. Really want to see more episodes.. but like many other anime series this season.. it is very slow in releasing, but so much better than a lot of other series.

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Tsubasa Chronicles 2 – Ending.

December 28, 2006 Leave a comment

Let’s just say I bounced around watching this series. I really like the whole concept.. a lot better than xxxHolic… and what character development has been made for Sakura and Syaoran. They are older and this is an alternate universe from Card Captor Sakura. I still like it, as CLAMP inevitably made this a huge crossover event with mentions of various worlds, characters and looks for everyone. Examples are characters like Chii of Chobits, various X characters, I think Tokyo Detectives, and characters from Magic Knight Rayearth. Various examples of looks were of them as Super-deformed or as crayon drawings.

The art and music is off the hook for the first series series, to the point where I really felt something for the look of Syaoran than for stars like Hugh Jackman or even the impeccable Alan Rickman. What I like more about the second season from the first season is the art, since there were many moments for the music to show through… as a tangent point… I really liked the ED theme.

The ending of this series arc is gives quite a happy-sad feeling. I feel kinda frustrated for Sakura as so many memory feathers separated again and then the realization that a 3rd season is going to come out is filling me with much anticipation. This anticipation is hoping to continue on with the manga and profit standard..still I want to see more! I’m still thinking of getting the character guide or not.. but because I don’t read the manga… it’s kinda hard for me to stomach whether or not I want to get it for the few color pages and spend about $12 for it. I really hope for an art book for this series and for xxxHolic.

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Charmin Bear Mascot and Kimi wa Petto

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Such an old comparsion right? I would think so.. since Kimi wa Petto is several years old as a Japanese Drama (J-Drama.) Even still I just recently started on a kick to watch J-Dramas and this was one I watched a little while ago.. but doesn’t anyone think that Iwaya-san and the Charmin Bear looks similar. What I meant to say is that as it was in Episode two of the drama, Iwaya Sumire was made to wear a costume that was a bear, during an article assignment in the park. What happened when she wore the costume was quite funny. Now compare this to the Charmin Bear in Time’s Square restrooms…

I can show a picture of Iwaya-san as a screen cap, but I couldn’t find any good pictures of the Charmin mascot.. comparable, so this entry is still kinda incomplete. Hmmm… there’s a graphic novel release of Kimi wa Petto..  Tramps Like Us from TokyoPop.


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Curse of the Golden Flower

December 25, 2006 Leave a comment

Happy Holidays to people and their families. Anyhow I went and caught a showing of this film and I have to say, it’s an excellent film. Having gone with a close friend, he underestimated the audience for seeing this movie. The film was relatively short, unlike Hero which was longer. This movie centered on the royal family during the Tang Dynasty with a theme of patriarical heriarchy. The conclusion was not something my friend liked. I have to say that it is the norm for Zhang Yimou’s films.

The visual depictions of Tang’s royal palace, like the multi-color glass colums and costuming is spectacular. The much work and detailed on every gown of Gong Li as Empress Phoenix is amazing and the way she acted her role was fabulous. I was impressed with details of the costumes, such as the weight of the crown Gong Li wore in one scene as with the various armors that Chow Yeun Fat and Jay Chou must don.

I would be very surprised if this movie is not nominated for an Oscar as with winning a slew of Hong Kong film awards. The cast is certainly a big drawer… Gong Li, Chow Yeun Fat and Jay Chou.

I was not impressed with the action, but given that this is a drawer for the American movie crowd, I would say there is a need for action with the fake blood, after the skeptism of my friend.


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iTunes “Clean” Rating.

December 24, 2006 Leave a comment

I just noticed today as I was looking for a song from iTunes. I don’t really have that much of a comment, but since I saw this rating today… I have to say something. Perhaps it is my dismay, but as I looked for the soundrack of Carousel, I find that the album was rated Clean. Can it not be rated G or something more different sounding than Clean, so then does “Explicit” as I see in other songs on iTunes means Dirty then?

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Sims 2

December 19, 2006 Leave a comment

Well I’m an enthusiast for the game.. that doesn’t mean that I’m very good at the game. I just got Sims 2 and three other expansion packs: University, Pets and Open for Business. Might want to get Nightlife soon. I’ve always been a fan for the console games, for the PS2, GBA and DS… I have had the hardest time in playing this game, still I will try to do my best to combat this games as with the other games I brought, may it be video game or visual novels.

In playing Sims 2, you get to alter the way the character looks and live their life. Usually I would put the name of Miz and then go for the aspiration of Knowledge to be a perfectionist in what I do.

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Technology is great!

December 18, 2006 Leave a comment

Praises for innovations in visual aid technology! Mina… referred me to this tidbit of news after I told her of a 701 project I was doing.. so a braille e-reader.. this news tingles and makes me dance frantically (mentally of course) to the improvments that can be made to help poeple in getting more information..!

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Erasing places off the map…

December 17, 2006 Leave a comment

Well as a Geography major in my undergrad.. I joined up with a Maps Listserv and found this article to chew on. Georgia erases 488 places off the map. That is such a sad prospect, their reasoning seems to be made from common sense, but what can be the feelings of the people living in those erased communities? It’s is as a speaker said in the paper.. erasing of history and heritage.

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