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Media Max, MM, or Moranic Machine or… &*^%&*(&

December 3, 2006 2 comments

Media Max an update of Streamload.. while update is good… this system is not.. so many complaints and hassles I can scream! I’ve been with Streamload since my high school years.. so that’s about five years…. but with this new system.. it turned to shit in front of my eyes..

Steamload is an Internet website that users may pay an amount a month to have a place to store and/or share files. I like using SL because of the amount of anime I watch, that I don’t bittorent or try to find another source to direct download. SL provides a big base to actually allow me to download files.

I’m still staying with SL in spite of the fact that there is so much problems… with the file sharing thingy. As I access it at various moments over the weekend, there has been nothing but maintenance breaks, so I can’t even log on to share files. I’ve already sent an email, a lot of online acquaintances of mine have already complained time and time again. Ugh… I hate looking at my files so disorganized!!!!!

Stupid piece of &*(%&*&*( (Using symbols to indicate cursing and if it was a real thing… I’ll kick it and stomp on it!) ARRRGGG!!!

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