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Curse of the Golden Flower

Happy Holidays to people and their families. Anyhow I went and caught a showing of this film and I have to say, it’s an excellent film. Having gone with a close friend, he underestimated the audience for seeing this movie. The film was relatively short, unlike Hero which was longer. This movie centered on the royal family during the Tang Dynasty with a theme of patriarical heriarchy. The conclusion was not something my friend liked. I have to say that it is the norm for Zhang Yimou’s films.

The visual depictions of Tang’s royal palace, like the multi-color glass colums and costuming is spectacular. The much work and detailed on every gown of Gong Li as Empress Phoenix is amazing and the way she acted her role was fabulous. I was impressed with details of the costumes, such as the weight of the crown Gong Li wore in one scene as with the various armors that Chow Yeun Fat and Jay Chou must don.

I would be very surprised if this movie is not nominated for an Oscar as with winning a slew of Hong Kong film awards. The cast is certainly a big drawer… Gong Li, Chow Yeun Fat and Jay Chou.

I was not impressed with the action, but given that this is a drawer for the American movie crowd, I would say there is a need for action with the fake blood, after the skeptism of my friend.


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