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Charmin Bear Mascot and Kimi wa Petto

December 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Such an old comparsion right? I would think so.. since Kimi wa Petto is several years old as a Japanese Drama (J-Drama.) Even still I just recently started on a kick to watch J-Dramas and this was one I watched a little while ago.. but doesn’t anyone think that Iwaya-san and the Charmin Bear looks similar. What I meant to say is that as it was in Episode two of the drama, Iwaya Sumire was made to wear a costume that was a bear, during an article assignment in the park. What happened when she wore the costume was quite funny. Now compare this to the Charmin Bear in Time’s Square restrooms…

I can show a picture of Iwaya-san as a screen cap, but I couldn’t find any good pictures of the Charmin mascot.. comparable, so this entry is still kinda incomplete. Hmmm… there’s a graphic novel release of Kimi wa Petto..  Tramps Like Us from TokyoPop.


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