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Tsubasa Chronicles 2 – Ending.

December 28, 2006 Leave a comment

Let’s just say I bounced around watching this series. I really like the whole concept.. a lot better than xxxHolic… and what character development has been made for Sakura and Syaoran. They are older and this is an alternate universe from Card Captor Sakura. I still like it, as CLAMP inevitably made this a huge crossover event with mentions of various worlds, characters and looks for everyone. Examples are characters like Chii of Chobits, various X characters, I think Tokyo Detectives, and characters from Magic Knight Rayearth. Various examples of looks were of them as Super-deformed or as crayon drawings.

The art and music is off the hook for the first series series, to the point where I really felt something for the look of Syaoran than for stars like Hugh Jackman or even the impeccable Alan Rickman. What I like more about the second season from the first season is the art, since there were many moments for the music to show through… as a tangent point… I really liked the ED theme.

The ending of this series arc is gives quite a happy-sad feeling. I feel kinda frustrated for Sakura as so many memory feathers separated again and then the realization that a 3rd season is going to come out is filling me with much anticipation. This anticipation is hoping to continue on with the manga and profit standard..still I want to see more! I’m still thinking of getting the character guide or not.. but because I don’t read the manga… it’s kinda hard for me to stomach whether or not I want to get it for the few color pages and spend about $12 for it. I really hope for an art book for this series and for xxxHolic.

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