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Fall 2006 Anime Season’s Recap…. What I didn’t get myself into and vice versa.

As the new year is looming, this is a good time now to recap and reflect on Fall anime series I got into or not… I’m taking the list of anime from here….. and this is an edited list with the anime titles that stuck out in my mind as I type this entry. Obviouslythere are some anime I would wish to list, because my mind is still agog with it..but not sure where to randomly put it.. before I get myself confused with trying to list it.

Black Blood Brothers…. interesthing anime.. I like vampires and got stuck in episode 7.. getting confused as I was overwhemed with school.

Kiniro no Corda ~Primo Passo~ or La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ …. two different versions of name Japanese and English version. I’m still quite confused by the naming, so I’m calling it primo passo. Watching this anime and with other events has my napping tendencies for loving classical music. I really like the music in this series and really would love to play the game that is said to be coming out of it. Provided I learn to read and speak Japanese of course.

Black Lagoon Second Barrage ….. I really like this series… it made me laugh, cry, and all about being quite violent that I shudder to even try and not think of it’s probable release in America with all the censorship and dubbing.

Pumpkin Scissors – I like this series at the beginning, but the series as I tappered back in watching it seems to have slowed down. So it’s a bit redundent if the guy keeps on getting hurt all the time in trying to save something… like a human weapon.. still I love the scenes he has with his cats… they’re sooo cute!

D. Grey Man – Been getting quite aimlessly. Not even sure what is it even about…but two of my friends are watching it for the purposes of a seiyuu. It’s going on a list of anime to be watched seriously… following titles like Le Chevileir D’Eon, Trinity Blood, Blood+, Count of Monte Cristo.

Death Note – Been following… enough said about that.. I’ll still follow it on the attempt of finding anime in common with other people… that being said… I think this is one of the more sucessful Fall anime.

Ghost Hunt – Watched episode 1, was really confused and backed away.

Red Garden – Like D-Grey Man, getting it aimlessly for art reasons.. but quite confused of the plot altogether.

Negima!? – Been trying to get into this anime with no avail… got confused with not watching it in two weeks and forgot where I was up to.. but really want to see this anime…. despite the fact that I have to remind myself to watch the first season before jumping into it.. and afraid that is self going to try and mentally hack into the anime for it’s harem tendcies, but still intereted because there’s that older women and younger male theme going on.

Busou Renkin – Stopped watching immediately after episode five or six. Felt it was going no where and quite frankly visibily sick of the butterfly guy and what he did with that Busou Renkin thingy down his briefs….

[Edit Jan 8, 2007] Kannon (2006) – Now for clarification, I’ve only watched the first episode and decided not to watch the series, since this series is a remake from the 2002 version along with the avaliability of the game on the market. My impression of this series was of confusion and there is such a copy of Onegai Sensei‘s theme.. which didn’t please me one bit.

I mention this series, because nearly every other blog I looked at had some mention of this series, so why not join the bandwagon on mentioning this series. I have negative feelings on this anime.. also because there seems to be such a hentai feeling radiating from this series.

Sumomo mo Momomo – Let’s see with an earlier entry denoucing my dislike of this series.. that’s it. I was very leery of this series.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! – Same feeling as Sumom mo Momomo.. saw the first episode and had to stop, too disguisted with the wrongness of the series to even try and comment… but I’ll take a stab at it.. the anime title…. the hitman… his voice…. and the fact that the boy runs around in underwear for some really stupid reasons.

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – I really like the first season and looked forward for this second season as well, but not very much releases of the anime as a fansub, so I’m looking for the drama, but there has also been a very slow release of the episode in readable English. The concept of the new character is okay.. I wonder if she’s going to take Ai’s place as Jigoku Shoujo or something more evil is going to happen. Also another note.. this series so reminds me of Vampire Princess Miyu.. I can’t put a finger on it.. but this series reminds me so much of the TV series of Miyu.

Hataraki Man – Want to see more episode soon! Very slow in releasing and wondering if the female lead is going to break up with her boyfriend or vice versa..since she is never around. Kinda was thinking about this series as I watch Kimmi no Petto…and placing mental comparisions between her and Iwaya-san.

Bartender – An unexpected treasure find. I love the music of this series and definitely think that this series is quite original in introducing alcohol to people. Really want to see more episodes.. but like many other anime series this season.. it is very slow in releasing, but so much better than a lot of other series.

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  1. BlitzKrieger
    January 8, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    I don’t really know what you are saying about Kannon (2006). i have not seen practically no fanservices. If you want to compare it too an anime, Air tv is more appropriate. Just think you might be a bit confused on the content of the show 😛

  2. January 8, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Well I wrote this entry upon looking at a list of anime and the titles that appeared on the list made me thinking of feelings I had regarding the series. In regards to knowledge of Kanon (2006) the overall impression is that there were a lot of girls and only one guy. That is a harem romance, so that the targeted audience would be male.

    Air TV is something I would eventually see.

    But in regards to your comment, I’ll make an edit on this entry.

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