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City Hunter – Angel Heart

To begin my background, I started learning about this series from the anime, to manga and then to the live action movies. Althought it might be confusing. I can say that I first watched the Chinese dubbed movie: .357 Magnum in 1989 when I was about four. So you can say that outside of Dr. Slump and about three other anime titles, this is the fourth anime I’ve ever watched in my life.

I wasn’t as interested in this series until a much later time, as my sister was more into this series. I was more into watching Kaze no Tani no Nauiscaa.. since that was the movie that came after the City Hunter movie in the VHS. Hmm.. I was looking over the wording and man, this post sounds weird. Either way.

This was the very first series where I had a crush on Umibozu, the scary mercenary… I’m not joking, the very bald, moustached tall guy, afraid of a kitty.. that is just so cute….

What can I say about this series, other than the fact that I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that there is a sequel to this phenomenal series that spawned Hong Kong movies starring Jackie Chen and Michael Chow.

Angel Heart. From what I hear about the series which is not a lot, is that Karori is dead in this one, a big turn off for me to even try and which it. Her heart is transplanted into another girl who is also like Ryo.. I’m trying to come to grips with this series’s exisitence and perhaps go and see the anime series to see how it is. <sighs>… Still I don’t agree with what this article states. Just because I don’t want to see a show without Kaori, is that such a bad possibility. I grew up with knowing that Ryo and Kaori shoud be together, so this is not a possible concept for me to accept.


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