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Nodame Cantabile- Anime and Drama impressions….Episode 1

January 15, 2007 Leave a comment

All right, over the weekend I had a good long entry regarding this subject, before FireFox frozed up on me and I lost my entire entry… so after thinking a bit I am once again trying to type out my thoughts on this fabulous series… ending of the drama and the beginning of the anime.

If only I didn’t have such reservations about the art then I would definitely get into the manga. What I meant by reservation is that to look at only Nodame on every cover with a different instruments is kinda limited, added to the fact that I don’t really like drawings like that as well. With news of the anime being by the director of Honey and Clover…that’s not much to look at either. I don’t really like the pastels of the art. Still I saw the drama earlier, so I can’t have much complaints, now can I? Read more…

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