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Nodame Cantabile: Episode 2

Let’s see this episode began similarly with Episode, with the introduction of Mine-kun. Like Chiaki-senpai..he criticizes others by the insult of “so run of the mill…” Unlike Chiaki’s “they all suck.” I never thought that would be the introduction of Mine-kun so I was tickled.

In the background of the anime as you saw Mine-kun walked by, you can see Nodame stealing lunch from her classmates. I don’t know where I read it, but I read another summary of Nodame stealing lunch from friends…. but I don’t think I see evidence of this from either the anime or the drama as the class mates being good friends for Nodame, (have to confirm it with the manga then) when Nodame seems to be by herself all the time.

Even still.. she starts to freeload in food from Chiaki-sempai.. that part when she tried to bring a burnt fish to Chiaki as supper is mad funny, his reaction being.. are you trying to kill me…

Hmm….in aspects, Nodame is very much like the regular anime heroine, a ditz.. passionately in love with male lead… loves to inhale food…. (I’m thinking Usagi-[Sailor Moon] here..although I think Usagi is much cleaner….)

I’m very excited to meet Masumi in the next episode..for as relatively new I am to this series.. I got into this series through the drama from my friend Kero.. I can’t get a favorite character yet, thought in regards to Matsumi as a character… I know I always had tears in my eyes either from laughter or just a geniune affection in the drama for his love to Chiaki-sempai… I nearly started crying when I saw him at the orchestra, mentally wishing.. Watch me play, Chiaki-sama… feel my love… oh shoot…. ROFLOL….

Still if the speed of the anime is as predicted by Omni on Random Curiosity.. this is a pretty fast going anime. The drama only went to Vol. 9 of the manga, so maybe this will go a bit more into the manga! I hope so… I don’t want to pick up the manga just yet…

I uploaded episode 2 on sendspace…so please enjoy. This is an episode subbed by C1.

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