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One Piece: Episode 294

Yatta!!!!! I’m so happy, we’re getting back to the regular scheduled programming. So the past two episode (291-292) were quite moot, since there was a lot of filers going on. As for this episode.. or rather past episode (290)…. we last saw Chopper doing something really stupid… like take over three rumbleballs when Doctorina told him never to do that… yes to win his battle… so in this episode you see him transformed into an absolute monster… and squash the pink hair opera waving CP9 freak. In the process though, he threw Franky over the ledge and onto the ground below. He started to climb the Tower of Justice like any King Kong. I’m sooo worried for him….!!!!! He’s one of my favorite characters in this series other than Luffy, Zoro, Smoker, Karu, Shanks, Miss. Golden Week… …. you get the point…. I happen to love a lot of characters in this series.

In the other parts of the tower, there are several battles going around. Sanji is down for the count. Zoro and Sogeking is tangled up. Luffy’s chasing after Robin. Franky has fell over the building and Nami is facing the secretary bitch.

Luffy’s finally caught up with Robin, but that pigeon cheetah bastard is in the way… but more interestingly the stupid director Spamden had pressed the Buster Call Denden Mushi, thinking it was the Communication Denden.. so guess what… the idiot sent for the Buster Call.. after realizing this idiotic action, he was so stunned, he turned on the communication Denden and got into an argument with Robin. He arrogantly announced his plans of not caring if the Buster Call came, he would escape with the CP9, they being the Government’s assassins and he would get a big fat promotion…. he is willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve the meaning of pure justice. (Bullshit.. you stupid piece of…. beep.. beep.. beep… this is me in my mind thinking of squashing him like the gorilla faced pipsqueak he is…. )

Spandam tried to pass off, the fact that everyone heard him as Luffy, so the reaction from the soldiers was funny. The island is now slowly turning into a hotbed of ill tempered people. Earlier Galley La and Franky Ga got round up and tied up by the soldiers. I was reminded briefly of Laputa.. when the General ran with his army away from Muska, leaving behind the Dola Sky Pirates… the scene is slowly turning into something like that..

So the episode ends here.. I hope I can see the next episode soon.. it looks interesting with the Secretary Bitch hopefully going down. I wish there was an ending theme, it’s been several episods already without one and I would like to see one. At least much better than the last one with them at an art museum.


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