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Well as I was trying to sort through my 1000+ email inbox, I found this article regarding a serendipity experience, now if you think of that word, you would probably think of the resturant, book or movie. But to me, I think of a presentation I saw last semester of a fellow librarian classmate.

I shall have to go and speak with her if I can next semester and share this link with her. Her presentation was on patrons going to libraries to have a serendipidious experience in roaming the shelves to find something to read. I think this might be a good article, if she hasn’t read this article yet already. 

Now what this article broadly examines is how technology have encompass the simple joys of just discovering, as it very often directs the person to a source directly without wasting his time to just discover…still an interesthing read if you have nothing else better to do.

The article is here.  

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