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Nodame Cantabile- Anime and Drama impressions….Episode 1

January 15, 2007 Leave a comment

All right, over the weekend I had a good long entry regarding this subject, before FireFox frozed up on me and I lost my entire entry… so after thinking a bit I am once again trying to type out my thoughts on this fabulous series… ending of the drama and the beginning of the anime.

If only I didn’t have such reservations about the art then I would definitely get into the manga. What I meant by reservation is that to look at only Nodame on every cover with a different instruments is kinda limited, added to the fact that I don’t really like drawings like that as well. With news of the anime being by the director of Honey and Clover…that’s not much to look at either. I don’t really like the pastels of the art. Still I saw the drama earlier, so I can’t have much complaints, now can I? Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 291

January 14, 2007 Leave a comment

Okay I’m confused now…… they’re pulling up the New Year’s special for 2006 to be shown….it’s just the ending of CP9 and now this…it’s funny.. but it’s strange for now… I feel so disheartened.. when will I get to see the ending of Enis Lobbey!!!

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City Hunter – Angel Heart

January 13, 2007 Leave a comment

To begin my background, I started learning about this series from the anime, to manga and then to the live action movies. Althought it might be confusing. I can say that I first watched the Chinese dubbed movie: .357 Magnum in 1989 when I was about four. So you can say that outside of Dr. Slump and about three other anime titles, this is the fourth anime I’ve ever watched in my life. Read more…

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Odd news…. hmm..

January 10, 2007 Leave a comment

While working I came across these odd news tidbits.. hmmm.. mostly from Yahoo..
I thought they threw out wallets after a while…
Quite cool!
I thought the Vatican City was the smallest country in the world.
Sexually disturbed.

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Aya Ueto

January 8, 2007 3 comments

Hmm.. as I go underway in watching as much J-dramas as I can during my break. I find myself really liking her dramas.. I already saw her in Attention Please, while I didn’t like the story as much, I saw her consecutively in Install and My Little Chef. I’ve grown accustom to her face. Lately I watched episodes from Shimokita Sundays and while I haven’t finish watching it. I really want to watch more of it… soon! I really like the comedic plot of the story.. Hope that my friend, will blog it as soon as it would be ever finished.

Anyhow, Aya Ueto is quite muit-talented as well.. a pretty successful singer and super idol as well.. I wonder if there’s a nickname for her fans? I pay attention, but I don’t pay attention…oh well.. I guess what I’m gushing about really is above all this, she’s a year younger than I am.. man is that something.. so young and so talented..!


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Taking a stab at Web Acessibility

January 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Well I just noticed these two news tidbits… for that I’m quite glad at the progress it is taking for more technologies to be available for vision disabled.

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Wiki-pedia leanings… Cloned Wiki’s!

January 6, 2007 8 comments

Found this place as a rec on one of my mailing lists, but really liking it since I love to read fanfiction. Been such a fan since I was eleven, so it has been a little over a decade since I started with commercial Internet surfing. But back to my thoughts as I write this entry, the rec is one of the many clones of the infamous Wikipedia trend. A trend where fact can be edited by the masses.. So even if there is so much copyright infrigments and issues.

The trend is really good for the hoardes of people just seeking information. So from the original trend of being an editable encylopedia, which I love to spend time on reading informaiton articles… there are other similar and growing pages. There might be more, but I found two other Wiki- inspired sites to keep up with. One is this…
A place that talks about the various events and beginnings of different fanfiction history on the Internet.

A place that gives details of various east Asian dramas.

These are both still growing websites.. so I have high hopes to see something come about this opportunistic information sharing.

So’ll be nice to know of any other Wiki-inspired sites out there.

EDIT – April 15, 2007

Ummmm.. my friend, gave me these suggestions.

A place that talks about various Japanese audio dramas.. helpful for people to learn about what drama cd plots or seiyuu’s are there.

Wiki. ThePPN
A place that celebrates Asian pop culture.

Place where anything goes… interesting and pointless Wiki I believe.

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