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One Piece: Episode 295

While getting over my excitement of last episode. Looking at this episode, it is still attune to the plot, so it’s better than a filler. But I would have to say they’re dragging out the story line bit by agonizing bit.. before I get to see the ending of what happens to that monkey faced Spamdon.

There are various events happening simultaneously all over the Justice Tower, so scenes kept going in between the different battle grounds. The battle between Luffy and Lucci, it is actually quite boring. Reminds me of a DBZ battle…. seeming to be never ending and long winded. A hundred punches here, a kick here.. throwing furniture here and there. Equal battle skills. Reminds me of that long ago battle of Arlong and Luffy. Boring!


Then looking at the battle between Nami and that secretary bitch. I like the quality that Nami has taken as that bubble afflicted look. There was some interesting dialogue between them, but alas as I had hoped in last episode that the secretary bitch will be taken down.. this episode disappoints. Hence I’m trying to stay away from believing episode previews.


On a side note, Chopper has actually reached the top and punched through the wall where Nami is fighting with the Secretary Bitch. So while I’m more worried for Chopper’s condition, acting all King Kong like… it’s getting boring…so this episode I though he was very much in the way at the moment..


Sogeking’s and Zoro has actually have teamwork down, though Their battle was quite interesting with Sogeking actually daydreaming a lot. I tend to notice that with many battles that Nami and Ussop’s in. Pretty amusing sometimes. I’m not sure how long can Sogeking’s heart last… he’s turning blue in the face with fright.. LOL.


Still no ED song, but an extra something- a ad for the upcoming One Piece Movie. Introduction by who I hope to be is the seiyuu for Vivi or maybe the singer for the movie’s theme. I know the move’s going to be about Alabasta, while I hope the episode is not going to be set during the Alabasta war, since that was cover. With anticipation would I get to see Vivi and Caru again! I took a snapshot of this pose.. Notice how Luffy is holding Vivi… very heroic feeling right?


I went on a screencap bonanza again…. I actually by mistake took something that looks like index. Man was I surprise.. I’ll try to to take another one like that again another time.


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  1. February 7, 2007 at 12:25 am

    very informative blog. your enthusiasm is contagious.

  2. February 7, 2007 at 10:08 am

    I hope so…so far the blog stats haven’t really been doing that well… >_-

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