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Nodame Cantabile: Epsiode 3

Ahh.. the episode I was waiting for!! The introduction of Matsumi-chan!!!! Just for a warning, I am heavily influenced by my drama experience. By no means is Matsumi-chan a favorite character of mine… there’s a lot of people I like in Nodame… like Sakura or Eto-sensei.

I do recall laughing a lot when I saw the character of Matsumi and I wasn’t disappointed by the anime version of him. Rather my expression was ()O_- when this shot came up. His classmates referred to him openly as being a queen and “she.”


Now Episode 3 began on a different perspective now, with no character complaining of how other people sucked. Still this episode was funny, with no end in sight for the various expressions and comedic antics. I think I can say that I like the anime character of Mine more than in the drama.

While I think that the pace is going fine for the anime, I can’t help but keep on wondering if I should definitely go pick up a copy of the English graphic novels, to try and get a grip on the timing.

For a more comprehensive summary for this episode… please go here to read the events of Episode 3.   

 This is a link to download the third episode.


These are screencaps that I took of various scenes within the episode.

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