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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – Episode 7

Finally, after a long time of waiting for the subbed episode I finally got to see a series I really liked and while I didn’t think this episode had much going on, perhaps the next five or so releases might be good. I’ve been hearing raw releases of this series for a while now, so not really good on my patience for this series.. at least it’s not poor Yuki no Joou which is so slow in being release… my friend is already at his patience end for it…

Anyhow this episode didn’t cover much of Ai’s dealing with the new girl at all, unless it is to ignore the girl when she was trying some flower nectar. I realize that in the opening the flower might be her, so you methinks there is a relevance for the girl to be the next Jigoku Shoujo.

The victim in this episode turns out to be a mother who selfishly ignores her entire family when her only son dies in a motorcycle accident. Her other daughter finds in her brother’s room, the straw doll that will put her in contract with the Jigoku Shoujo, when the string is pulled for her to send someone to hell. It turns out that the son, before he died was already planning to send their mother to hell. Now the resposibility and chance is given to the girl.
Like in many of the other episodes, Jigoku Shoujo follows a pattern of the character trying to find a redeeming quality in the victim so that they won’t be cursed. However like in all other episodes, in the end of the episode, the girl couldn’t handle it anymore, seeing the family fall into shambles and sends her mother to hell… I think she went mad at the end.


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