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Chinese New Year 2007

February 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Well this is very out of the ordinary.. but have to write this post in order of reminding myself of what days there are..well my mother told me some of the meanings of the I thought it would be interesting to post. Anyhow Chinese New Year started this past weekend and as my mother tells me would run till next Sunday. It’s typically fifteen days…so let’s see Chinese New Year.. this year is the year of the Fire Pig..said to be very prosperous for those that are born because this type of year only occurs every 600 years.

First Day is the New Year… and typically the day to go out and browse…. or visit temples as it is traditionally done.

Second Day to the Fourteen Day is to visit friends and family, have parties, and to wish each other a Happy New Year…. money is typically given these days.

Fifteen Day … there is a parade and the celebration to close out the New Year.

Anyhow… much fortune for those that celebrate this holiday.

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