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Article on why Japanaese and American games are different and my perspectives.

February 18, 2007 Leave a comment

A while ago, I noticed in one of Joystiq’s entries this article. From there I read this larger feature and while it is a good attempt to write the differences, I agree and disagree with a few points he makes.

One is as he mentions Japanese people feeling motion sickness with games such as Grand Theft Auto, which is an American game. I would have to ask what about Mario 64? That game is downright tilting on watching a 3-D Mario race around. I definitely feel queasy with that game.

I agree with the fact that mentioned save spots as part of the game for Japanese whereas in American games you can save everywhere.

While I don’t play as much video games as my friends do, I still enjoy the concept of playing. I wished the writer didn’t get that general and put so many broad terms there, such as American hunting. Ugh.. I saw a coyote skin hat the other day and I nearly wanted to cry.

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