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Memory Lane walking – Doraemon to Hattori-kun

February 25, 2007 3 comments

Found this question the other day and no this is not anything about Pokemon or Digimon…this is an old anime series I knew about when I was growing up and then as I researched a little bit into it… I thought about an even older anime.. Ninja Hattori-kun.

Something I watched when I was very young. I barely see any distribution of it now…although I know at Bookoff there is, (last time I checked)…copies of VHS’s there. Still a very quick walk down down memory lane. Ninja Hattori-kun was about a ninja with his sister and dog live with a family training and helping out the family’s son on his problems. Very similar to Doremon’s plot actually, the art wasn’t much to look at, but the inventions or moves interesting. I loved it when the dog…got into a fight with the villain’s cat and won. Still the villain’s cat which is a ninja cat developed a static electricity move to get revenge. The dog actually for the most part looks like a round blanket thing.

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