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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori- Episodes 8 to 10

Yup… just as I hope… more translated episodes are coming out.. quite happy. Actually quite behind the raw episodes that are released. Still… just keeping up with something I really enjoy.

It’s been a while since I started to watch Episode 8 was a story of revenge. I actually liked this episode, even if the ending was quite unexpected. The episode premises is about Ai investigating into an impostor, faking a website to hell page. For this, one of Ai’s assistant’s, Hone-Onna was posing as a swimming instructor at a all girl’s school in this one.

Of course she aches after a day from teaching, so the other assistant, Wanyūdō was putting on heat patches to sooth Hone-Onna. Kikuri started to play with the heat patches… which is like a large ace bandage. Here she is trying to sneak behind Wanyudo to stick the patch on his head.



Episode 9 had the theme of incest. Ichimoto Ren was investigating into this case. Let’s see….. a part at the end actually reminded me of the second episode in the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA, about the marionette dolls. Quite spooky.


Episode 10 also had Hone-Onna investigating into the case. I thought that this episode was quite pointless though in the way the man went to hell at the end. What a useless ass. Still to see more of Hone-Onna is nice. In this series, I really like the characters of the assistants. Kikuri in the frog raincoat is quite cute.

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