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Chinese New Year 2007

February 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Well this is very out of the ordinary.. but have to write this post in order of reminding myself of what days there are..well my mother told me some of the meanings of the I thought it would be interesting to post. Anyhow Chinese New Year started this past weekend and as my mother tells me would run till next Sunday. It’s typically fifteen days…so let’s see Chinese New Year.. this year is the year of the Fire Pig..said to be very prosperous for those that are born because this type of year only occurs every 600 years.

First Day is the New Year… and typically the day to go out and browse…. or visit temples as it is traditionally done.

Second Day to the Fourteen Day is to visit friends and family, have parties, and to wish each other a Happy New Year…. money is typically given these days.

Fifteen Day … there is a parade and the celebration to close out the New Year.

Anyhow… much fortune for those that celebrate this holiday.

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One Piece: Episode 296-297

February 14, 2007 Leave a comment

I’m going to be reviewing two episodes in this entry. These two episodes are really good in building up the anticipation for more episodes. Given the fact that I got spoiled by the manga already.. I really want to see what’s going to happen. Read more…

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Otome – a word that empowers the female otaku

February 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Taking a foray into some of my feeds, I found this story that has me really wanting to scream, “Take that masculine dominance…” I’m joking though, but the feeling that comes to mind when learning about this word and the implictions that it provides is something tangebile and real. (This entry would see like a drawn out essay of self discovery and implication, so excuse the tangents. )

Read more…

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Does this count as plagiarism?

February 10, 2007 5 comments

In finding out about this news , an actual manga artist to actually be punished for using fashion models as inspiration in his own art work. The article struck a chord within my mind, for I wonder if it would be the same offense if it was the other way around?

What I mean, is that if a fashion designer would take designs off from an anime, would there be the same standards of punishment? The reason why I would even think about this, would be the example of a fashion friend of mine. I try to tell my friend to exercise caution when getting inspiration. He looks at various anime clothing for inspiration. He basically tells me that in the fashion world, everything with a minuscule difference can be considered a different design. Read more…

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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – Episode 7

February 9, 2007 Leave a comment

Finally, after a long time of waiting for the subbed episode I finally got to see a series I really liked and while I didn’t think this episode had much going on, perhaps the next five or so releases might be good. I’ve been hearing raw releases of this series for a while now, so not really good on my patience for this series.. at least it’s not poor Yuki no Joou which is so slow in being release… my friend is already at his patience end for it… Read more…

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Nodame Cantabile: Epsiode 3

February 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Ahh.. the episode I was waiting for!! The introduction of Matsumi-chan!!!! Just for a warning, I am heavily influenced by my drama experience. By no means is Matsumi-chan a favorite character of mine… there’s a lot of people I like in Nodame… like Sakura or Eto-sensei.

I do recall laughing a lot when I saw the character of Matsumi and I wasn’t disappointed by the anime version of him. Rather my expression was ()O_- when this shot came up. His classmates referred to him openly as being a queen and “she.”


Read more…

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One Piece: Episode 295

February 3, 2007 2 comments

While getting over my excitement of last episode. Looking at this episode, it is still attune to the plot, so it’s better than a filler. But I would have to say they’re dragging out the story line bit by agonizing bit.. before I get to see the ending of what happens to that monkey faced Spamdon. Read more…

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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

February 2, 2007 4 comments

Man what game should I get, get Pearl or get Diamond? Aaarrgg!!!! The game is out in Japan already and from what I read of various blogs ie: DS Fanboy, it is the fastest selling Pokemon game, so yay!!! I’m so waiting for it to come out in America.

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