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One Piece: Episode 298

As I look at the upcoming episodes with much anticipation of this very dear series to my heart. My mind drifts over to the chapters of One Piece manga I glance at in Shonen Jump. Not really sure what is happening since it’s a different arc from the anime. But that’s a different thought.

Given to the early mornings I’m typing this entry, my mind is still clear enough to focus on elements that are presented. There are recycled shots from last week, but there are then parts of the scene that I focused on, in this episode as I didn’t last episode around.

Noting what the wolf was crying, “Dare da teme ah…” (Who’s the bastard). I actually thought it was quite witty of Sanji to reply that he is The Hunter. Now this brings to mind of the definite adoring fandom for Sanji’s character…. given the information that I am exposed to definitely calls for the cook as a popular character. Now that is a bit left over from last episode.

Episode 298 definitely focused on Sanji’s fighting the wolf man. He starts off with moves and kicks like a dancer pirouetting around. Definitely makes me think of Mr. 2 here. Given the time I haven’t seen a serious fight that Sanji had.. the Davy Fights Back arc does not count. I forgot how he names his moves and attacks food ingredients or preparation style. So that was kinda interesting to hear.

I actually thought the Wolf man got more ugly as the fight went on… mostly other than the drawing made him look more sinister, his persoanlity made it so much more uglier and neausous to look at him as a character. Definite scumbag material.. tricking and lying to gain an advangae. He actually tried to use the mention of Robin’s name in deciet as Sanji prompty kicks him back.

The whole part with Sanji and his flaming Diablo leg has me wonder.. when did Cook Jeff actually teach him all of this fighting… did he not sleep at all and learn how to fight as strong as he did after being rescued from that deserted island? Very unrealistic. This episode and the following episode will actually have me thinking Dragon Ball..as the attacks that Sanji and Zoro will do…. seem too impossible to occur in any situation at all. Definitely the element that the author is a very big Akira Toriyama fan comes into thought now. Still one of my favorite episodes is Dr. Slump, so that can’t be that bad then. In real life.. the Mugiwa Pirates will not live long. Attacks taking years from their lives.. very childish… and also very immortaling… a definite appeal for the small kiddies. Try to sue me for being a grown up to love this stuff.

I took some snapshots of that stood out for me in this episode. First shot.. at the beinning, very odd position for Nami to be in. Second scene a fantasy of the sick wolf. Third shot the true ugliness of being him (the wolf) and the last shot.. look at Sanji’s flambe leg!


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