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One Piece – Mugiwara Theater: Episodes 1-5

March 6, 2007 1 comment

Well it turns out there was a funny set of Omakes that were spoofs in the One Piece anime series. Omake as defied are extras, bonuses, or something that is derived from the main feature.. (in this case.. fillers for One Piece.) I mentioned the first episode at this post, so I’m making an entry to talk about the other four episodes and to sum up.

Each episode were about five minutes in length and covered a parody or funny situation where the Mugiwa was spoofed upon. The first episode dealt with Chopper Man, the second episode had a faux reportor interviewing the crew (sans Robin and Chopper, since they didn’t join the crew until after the crew entered the Grand Line….) about what their life was like before Saniji joined the crew.. meaning who was in charge of supplying the food. Third episode was about what if the Mugiwa Crew were housewives, with Namijima being the strongest….. (all the chotto chotto chotto…). The fourth episode is about what happens if the Mugiwa were Italian mafia, (I liked how the crew were renamed with Italian names, like Sanjino, Zorocia, Luffione, Namimore.) Lastly the fifth episode covered with what if the Mugiwa were monsters… Rodusa turned everyone else into stone as she stared at them…..

Well this is a rambling thought of random random random! These episodes were certainly amusing, maybe they’ll have more in the future… hehe… kinda like the Naruto fillers.

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