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One Piece: Episode 299

I’m sooo excited at the fact that there are more episode titles available now… that has me all excited and giggly. I think clear indications is that episode 302 is going to be the end of Spandam and the rest of the losers.. praise kami!

The flashback generally takes around six minutes.. so I sit there with anticipation for the start of the new episode’s footage. Let’s see impressions..

When Zoro was crying out his attack, “Onigiri.” I was thinking of the rice ball.. which is how the fansubs spell translated what he was saying… hmmm.. imagine a big food fight in this one… Still with Zoro and the giraffe’s fighting… I wonder what will happen when the tower falls over… seems very serious… reminds me of CSI’s season 7’s first episode, with the bombing of the casino Rampart.


But ewwww… I shuddered at the cheesy dialogue of this episode…. stupid Spandam thinking he is the world’s hero… ugh…. and actually daring to call Robin horrible and stupid…. grrrr….. and then to hear the giraffe say that he prefers meat.. I feel a bit nauseous because of thinking cannibalism… giraffe’s are vegetarians…so then that statement, even if the giraffe guy at the devil’s fruit…sounds very wrong.


Still this episode is such a big mess of contradictions.. that I’m not sure what to think anymore. I love the series well enough, but to liken this series to Dragon Ball Z is very fitting… ugh too many drawn out episodes with over exaggerated enemies…. sometimes I wonder if the earlier battles with Buggy or Arlong even in the same context as this? Even with Crocodile, the battle is possible..but frankly I’m very sick of Enis Lobby villains of the CP9.


The eight movie came out in Japan without hitch..and all I can say now.. that watching and reviewing it might be a bummer for me if the plot is as I fear it will be if it’s going to do nothing but rehash Alabasata. I got the tenth year anniversary of the One Piece CD-DVD compilation disc set.

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