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One Piece – Episode 301

Ahhh… been meaning to post this entry up… Just one more episode… one more episode…. I was actually tearing up a little as I watched this episode. The format of the episode is very much like the rest of the other episodes…. lots of recaps, with additions of some visual details from last episode’s events.

At the beginning of the episode.. when Zoro said what he said to the Giraffe. “Suffering is good… On the path to carnage.” I thought that it was a bit over the top bordering on nuts to thinking that Zoro meant he will slice the enemy into sushi pieces.

Other than really wanting to bash Spamdam’s face in. It was nifty watching the scene at the bridge because the plot becomes more intense. Robin learns that Spandam’s father placed a bounty on her head when she was eight. Of course the idiot has to crow about it.. and here the animation of the tear effect was really nice. I teared up at this part of course. Then there was this scene that actually made me cheer out loud. Spamdam gets blown away to end up like the following picture!

Sogeking saves the day! His singing kinda sounds like Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho…. that I was nodding when Zoro asked Sanji of his need to sing or not. Stil another character that saves the day is Franky! Then of course Robin is freed from those handcuffs and this means for Spandam.. massive pain time…

The episode then ends with the appearance of the Buster Call ships.



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