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Kaleido Star

A series I got into because a friend liked it first for the costumes and Lalyla Hamility. I liked it because of the music, the spirt of the characters and the moral of the story. This is a medium length series, around 50+ episodes… not in the likes of One Piece or Sailor Moon.. Kaliedo Star has two seasons and three OVA’s.

Kaleido Star is about Sora Naegino a young Japanese girl who wants to perform on the Kaleido Stage, a world renown circus, that has the atmosphere of Cirque de Soleil. Coming from Japan, she goes to what I believe is California or Hawaii and convinces the Kalos owner of Kaleido Stage to let her join.

The first season puts her in odds with Kaliedo Stage’s leading star Layla Hamilton, a rich girl who’s dream is similar to Sora’s in performing on Kaliedo Stage. She has a partner, Yuri Killian who brought out the stage in an underhanded stolen move and Sora with her friends have to gain the stage back. It is in the first season that you meet characters that Sora eventually won over with her determination and will.

The second season for me, is not as memorable as the first season, but adds more characters. May Wong is introduced as a rival for Sora when Lalya retires at the end of the first season. In the second season it is Sora’s dream to see a stage that is fun for the performers and with no conflicts, but absolutete trust to perform a great show.

Now in the three OVA’s my favorite one concentrates on Layla Hamilton finding herself…. it seems as if the animators did put something extra making it worth it to buy if I was in Japan, whereas the first and the third OVA are not as good visually. The first one wtih Rosette and Swan Lake felt more like a season filler epsiode whereas the third one was downright strange with the SD art.


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