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Personal self-check up and current update.

Let’s see backlogged around more than a couple of entry. Will get to it as soon as my new router comes in the mail. Last week, my DSL router short circuited, so I am at the moment on a dial up connection. Dial up connection is very slow for me to upload pictures and so I decided to wait for a few more days to upload my take on One Piece Episode 302 and other entries types.

I have recently received a quip from a friend of mine, that my writing is not as clear for people who wouldn’t read anime. I will point out links for people to go look at and I do explain in my disclaimer that this is a blog where there are things you should know beforehand. Still I’ve been thinking about what my friend said to me, so I’ve been experimenting with writing other types of entries. Even if still… the Internet is a vast area of networking and introduction….. so I thank those that read and comment on this press..

As anime updates go.. I am discontinuing with writing Death Note anime updates… definitely not an anime I want to continue seeing… I actually got a very rude comment the other day…. I deleted the comment.. but need I remind myself that I’m not writing to please people expectation that if the series is good then it is something I would continue to write for. I appreciate constructive criticism and any comments on this blog is something I am very happy about. Like any other surfers on the net, people don’t comment and if there are any comments made, then it can appreciate and brighten the bloggers day…

I know that my blog is by no means the best in the field… and I have to say that I do not appreciate insulting comments and this deleted comment was the very first bad comment I received.

Any entry I write in my press is definitely what I am trying to provide information for fans or as an introduction to the series – even as old as the series is…. as updates go…. I shall continue blogging about anime series I am watching with other entries of another nature.

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