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You’re Under Arrest

April 12, 2007 Leave a comment

You’re Under Arrest is a series that is by the same creator as Ah My Goddess. There is two anime seasons, drama, movie and OVA for this series about Tokyo’s Traffic police. Nice right? Let’s see the OVA was released in 1994. Anime series released in 1996. Movie in 1999. Live action in 2002.

The premises of this series is about Miyuki and Natsumi, two Tokyo police women and the adventures they have on their job. In comparing this with the Ah My Goddess series, I find that I like the OVA and movie better of You’re Under Arrest, whereas in AMG, I like the TV series a lot more than the movie and maybe the OVA. That is still in question though, since I wasn’t a big fan of Mini AMG.

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