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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – Episodes 15-26 -End

It’s been a while since I’ve even blog on this series… what gets me the motive to blog about this series is the fact that there’s the OP music which I really like and the whole Hell Girl scenario. I am still waiting to see the live action and the twisted justice scenario. Very petty, but I like watching the various scenarios that occur in this anime.

In Episode 15 – a boy cursed the person too late, when he called the police earlier. In the end it appears he murdered his parents when the person he cursed did the deed…what an odd story…. I didn’t like it very much, very much like the cat story earlier in the series.

Episode 16 was quite deprived as the mother cursed her husband, the girl’s father. The victim had lost the family house and life savings as he embarked in volunteering for a politician’s campaign, blaming the other side for the reason he lost everything in his life.

Episode 17 has two stories, one the background of Ichimoto Ren, the past of how he was continuously used as a sword to carry out the Japanese style of justice and honor bound duties. Another is a story of a mother who had several years earlier wished her physically abusive husband to hell to protect her daughter, after that incident Ren still watches over her. Now the daughter is a little older and is unfortunately influenced by her paternal grandmother. Her mother has went on with her life after cursing her husband to being a workaholic for earning money. She didn’t have much time to spend with her daughter, so she left her in the care of her verbally abusive mother in law. In a twisted fate, the daughter thought to have revenge on her father, nearly cursed her mother to hell. The mother killed herself before she would leave the curse on her daughter…. doesn’t that sound very depressing? I thought so in a twisted way.. this episode had a motto of karnma… what comes around goes around.

Episode 18 followed a more traditional background of telling a story of loneliness and time of revenge. A daughter cursing an invalid mother who had previously abandoned her… then again the mother was not the biological mother of the daughter, hence the daughter hated his father for taking care of the mother as she came back home an invalid after a car accident, she had gotten engaged and the care of the mother had put her in a situation where she cannot juggle her schedule with her fiance. In the end, the daughter’s father actually pulled the string, so I wonder when the girl’s dies who gets sent to hell, she or her father?

Episode 19 is more about Wanyuudou’s past in meeting up with Ai and becoming her assistant. This episode had a lot of depictions of the onsen which I liked and there were scenes of nudity in this episode.

Episode 20 is an episode about best friends.. the girl had an accident that left her with crutches and unable to play sports and this the best friend might have felt bad on, so she placed her friend’s name on her own test. In the sunset world Kikuri wanting to immite the style of Ai… in the end one of the friend got sent to hell, while the other friend who cursed her is also going to follow her best friend to hell… very sad and confusing.. kinda like the story in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – a book I just finished reading.

Episode 21 spoke about Hone-Onna’s background which I found was interesting in a female way. In life Hone-Onna was a women who got sold into the brothel by a man she thought she loved. She accepts her fate and it was later that prostitute who got betrayed by a friend/co-prositude who also got her own end in being killed by her lover who killed Hone-Onna in the first place. The friend became a ghost and for a while it is said that she would possess the bodies of women who resemble her own faith, so she can relive her fate over and over again…. how sad.

Episode 22-26 is the major plot point of this series, unlike the first season where there was Tsugumi and Hajime appearing in many of the the first series’s episode. Takuma who’s case occurred in episode 14 is back again. He shares a fate similar to Ai, being shunned by the people that lived around him. He lives in a community known the Lovely Hills… which hides the reality of the people having old fashion beliefs of Takuma as a devil child. In the end of the series, Ai sacrifices herself to save Takuma, giving up her role as the Hell Girl. Even if Ai is not the Hell Girl anymore, it is shown that there is still another girl known as the Hell Girl… speculations are rampant that Kikuri is the new Hell Girl… still the ending ended in a sad way as the three assistances also went on with their lives.

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